To The Future! A List of Intention Enabled Websites

The web is quickly moving to real-time, people share the information about what they’re doing while their doing it. Yet the next step beyond real time, is future-looking data, which is called the Intention Web (get up to speed by reading this post). In an effort to map out this trend in 2010, let’s list out the vendors, companies, and beyond that will facilitate this type of forward looking data.

There are countless opportunities for people to connect with others with the same goals, or for companies that want to serve them as new technologies like Social CRM evolve and develop. Scope: These Intention websites facilitate a person to publish their future goals in the context of their community, or sometimes even in public. For example, an unshared CAL isn’t a qualifier.

To The Future! A List of Intention Enabled Websites

  • 43 Things: This “wish list”, they suggest that you make a list on 43 Things and see what changes happen in your life. They encourage you to connect with others with the same goals.
  • Facebook Events: Facebook allows members to RSVP for future events, publish their own events, or see what friends are doing.
  • Meetup: Encourages groups to organize events, plan events, and connect with others.
  • Plancast: Is a social network that allows members to publish their future plans. It allows people to see who is going to other future goals, and to publish to Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Tripit: This website allows travelers to plan out their travel itineraries. (thanks Sameer)
  • Upcoming: This Yahoo owned property allows people to find, publish, and share future events.

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