Neuter Consolidated.db iPhone location tracking

Thanks to developer Ryan Petrich, you can now neuter your iPhone location tracking.

Not sure what this is about? CNN and other news sites have been going on the last day about the fact that location services stores your location history in a database on your device called consolidated.db. The news sites makes a big fuss about this and has gotten everyone all up in arms over privacy issues. (My opinion is that this is all silly since the info is stored only on your personal device and computer and not sent to apple or anyone else, therefore, it’s no more a violation of your privacy as storing your contacts info on your device and computer. No information is being sent to Apple or anyone else. This is no violation of your privacy. Silly.) Nonetheless, people are upset over it since the news made a fuss, so the jailbreak community provides you a fix for it.

Now, understand what this is. In its current state, this is a process daemon that runs every 30 seconds and clears the location data off your device. Running every 30 seconds may have some implications for your battery. It is probably not all that bad, but who knows. I’m personally not that concerned about the problem to install a daemon that runs every 30 seconds. But if you are, then this package is for you. Search for untracker in cydia and install it.

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