4.3.1 Jailbreak, Hold Off

So today, Modmyi put up a post about 4.3.1 tethered jailbreak being out.  But there is a reason I did not post about this. In fact, it should all be avoided.

Tethered jailbreak means that when your device reboots, you will have a connect to itunes logo on your screen and have to rerun the jailbreak software to get out of this mode. There is a “real” 4.3 jailbreak on its way out soon. You should all wait for that.

Further, the 4.3.1 tethered jailbreak bundles are incomplete and do not provide updated kernel patches.  The pwnage bundle going around is not a one created by the dev team. The ih8snow products are put together with no new code. Instead, they only assemble new bundles using existing older jailbreak exploits. (This is also why I never recommend using these products). No testing has been done, developers have not updated any tweaks / extensions for 4.3.1, etc. The update is not critical by any means, simply avoid it for now.

As for “this must be better than nothing right?” No, it really isn’t. I believe since the sandboxing issue isn’t worked out that Safari will be broken after Cydia runs the first time. To test this, I decided to jailbreak with it but unfortunately for me, after the jailbreak completes, Cydia won’t even load.

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