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What Is Skinny Fiber?

Skinny Fiber Review

It is a dietary supplement, which is presented in the form of a pill, tablet or capsule, that helps you lose weight by preventing cravings, helping you feel fuller when you eat and increases your metabolism so you burn calories more effectively.

The pills are made from all natural products, so you don’t have to worry about putting chemicals into your body. What is more, you can find other ingredients already present in your diet mostly in the form of fiber-rich foods.

Ingredients In This Product

There are three main ingredients that help to rev up your metabolism and block food cravings. These are:

Glucomannan – This is a natural diet product extracted from the Konjac Root. Konjac is also known as elephant yam, konjaku, devil’s tongue and voodoo lily, among other names. It comes from the subtropical or tropical eastern Asia, from Japan and Indonesia. It’s often used as a laxative or to help lower blood pressure. Konjac root is also used as an appetite suppressant in Asian cultures because once the root is crushed up and consumed, it can absorb 50 times its weight in water. It also slows digestion and stabilizes blood sugars as it reduces your cravings. There is a great study on this substance here: Effect of glucomannan on obese patients: a clinical study.

Caralluma – This is a flowering plant in the dogbane family, which consists of about 120 species. Most of these grow in Africa and are used for medicinal purposes. However, the caralluma species used in this supplement is from East India, where it’s often used as an natural appetite suppressant. Many users of this plant report having more energy after taking it. Here are some studies on effects of this substance on your body: A pilot study investigating the effect of Caralluma fimbriata extract on the risk factors of metabolic syndrome in overweight and obese subjects: a randomised controlled clinical trial. AND Antiobesogenic and Antiatherosclerotic Properties of Caralluma fimbriata Extract

?Cha de Bugre – This ingredient comes from a fruit like berry from a Brazilian tree of the same name. It can be made into a tea or a coffee replacement. This fruit suppresses your appetite while at the same time helps boost your metabolism, which improves your ability to burn fat.

Suppressing the appetite is very important for some people because they cannot stop eating if they don’t use a suppressant. Food is an addiction for them, especially meals high in fat and sugar and some researchers have shown that these can be as bad or worse than the heroin addiction.

People who use food for comfort when they are upset or stressed out often need to use an appetite suppressant as well. Fiber is the most effective weapon they can use to fight food cravings. Nowadays we know various kinds of this supplement such as psyllium husk and it can be bought in various forms and shapes (most usually as tablets or powder).

Manufacturer of This Product

This product was created by a company out of Murray, UT in the United States called SBC, also known as SkinnyBodyCare. The company was established in 2011 and it sells many other products for skin care, as well as weight loss.

Their product became popular after a well-known television doctor, Dr. Oz, promoted the benefits of glucomannan, and other all natural products, for losing weight.

How Does It Work?

Soluble fiber is important to the diet because it helps rid the body of toxins and waste it doesn’t need. Studies have shown that:

  • Better Sugar Absorption – It can slow the absorption of glucose, which helps stabilize your levels of blood sugar.
  • Improved Digestion – It might also lower cholesterol and promote regular bowel movements.

Unfortunately, the diet of the average American doesn’t contain enough amounts of this substance.

  • Necessary Amounts – These pills help introduce soluble fibers into your diet, which subsequently improves your efforts to lose weight when taken as directed.

Glucomannan works best when it’s taken with a carb-restricted diet, but it can also work well for many people who are not watching their diets at all. Some researchers have discovered that certain amount of participants in a study of glucomannan lost an average of 5.5 pounds in two weeks.

Skinny Fiber EtiquetteThe appetite suppressants found in all three of the main ingredients also keep dieters in check because they have fewer cravings. What is more, even the idea behind the rapid weight loss foods diet is based on the intake of high levels of this nutrient.

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Since glucomannan also absorbs so much water, it keeps you from being hungry and feeling deprived. That feeling of deprivation when you’re on a diet, whether it is real or perceived, can cause dieters to fall off the diet wagon and go back to eating unhealthy junk food.  That is one of the main reasons diets fail.

However, the use of a glucomannan can help prevent that and make your dieting efforts more successful.

Are There Any Side Effects?

While SBC claims the pills have no side effects, people who have used it have reported:

Having Gas

Feeling Bloated

Increased Bowel Movements

However, because this is a product that contains soluble fiber, those side effects are natural and only temporary. This product is safe for consumption by both men as well as women.

Does It Really Work?

The results are the most important thing to determine if a diet supplement really works. While not everyone will achieve the same results (what works for one person may not work at all for someone else), by following the basic program you should see some positive outcomes:

  • One user named Sue said the product helped her lose a total of 16 pounds and drop two clothing sizes. She also reported a decrease in her cholesterol from 198 to 141.
  • Trina started using this supplement in May of 2012 and by June 29, 2012, she had already lost 28 pounds.
  • Tara was obese when she began the diet and she was able to lose 41 pounds in 6 months and she kept using it to lose even more weight. She is no longer obese and is much healthier thanks to this product.

Several other users have claimed to lose weight on the 90 Day Challenge Issued by the makers.

[You can read & watch results and video testimonials for these pills in here]

You can also view testimonials from users who took the 90 Day Challenge on YouTube.

The 90 Day Challenge

The producer has a 90 day challenge that you can take to see if this product will work for you. The challenge consists of:

Get It – Purchase their product and use it twice a day for 90 days.

Take A Picture – You also need to submit a before picture when you start the challenge.

Track Your Success – Then you need to weigh yourself every day and write down the results in your Weight Loss Tracker.

This challenge is for people who want to try and lose 20 pounds in 90 days just by using this product. There is no particular diet mentioned, but glucomannan has shown better success when used with a low-carb plan.

BTW: If you want to get these pills, then go to the website of its official distributor: http://www.nodietsecret.com

My Extra Advice: You can save up to 50% of your money if you decide to buy more bottles at once (When you buy 3 you will get extra 3 for free).

Lose Weight & Improve Your Health

As previously mentioned, not everyone will have the same results when they use these pills. However, if you give this product a try, you will see results that should encourage you to continue in your weight loss journey.

24.9.2013: I found out that the seller on Amazon might not be legit at all, so I encourage everybody to contact official distributor. In the meantime, I would want you to check out the latest best selling pill manufactured in FDA approved facility. The product is called PHEN375.

Products by SkinnyBodyCare can help people who need to lose weight and they have many additional benefits as well.

Diabetics – For people with this health condition, it can help slow glucose (sugar) absorption and keep your blood sugars on an even level.

Better Hearth Health – Lowering cholesterol will help prevent heart disease by reducing the amount of cholesterol build-up in your veins.

Empty Bowels – Because this product also helps with regular bowel movements, you won’t feel as sluggish and it could help reduce the risks of getting colon cancer.

Try taking Skinny Fiber with a low-carb diet. As you begin to lose weight, you will feel healthier and happier and it will motivate you to keep going.


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