Zynga buys Wonderland Software, makers of GodFinger

Zynga has added another iOS developer to its growing stable — Wonderland Software, makers of GodFinger, the Ngmoco-published freemium title, has been purchased and rebranded as Zynga Mobile UK. Wonderland made GodFinger for Ngmoco, so that game isn’t part of the buyout, but Zynga will of course use the company and its resources to build up a developer presence in the UK for both mobile and social games.
This buyout follows the purchase of two other big iOS developers by Zynga, including Drop7 dev Area Code, now Zynga New York, and Words with Friends’ Newtoy, which has seen beenrebranded as Zynga with Friends. That’s quite a growing empire Zynga is building out of iPhone developers, and I’m inclined to say we’ll see a few more studios bought up in the future. What we haven’t seen quite yet is just what these studios are doing for Zynga — Words with Friends has been marked with a Zynga logo, but Zynga’s iOS push doesn’t have any new games to play with yet. Hopefully we’ll see the fruits of these deals at some point.

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