Xfinity TV on your iPod, iPhone but Wi-Fi only

XFINITY TV screenshot from App Store

Version 1.5 of Comcast’s Xfinity TV app for iPhone and iPod touch arrived on the App Store yesterday. The updated software allows Comcast customers to watch movies and TV shows on their iPhones or iPod touches while connected to any Wi-Fi network.
Comcast added on-demand video streaming functionality to the Xfinity TV app for iPad in February. Since then,Comcast’s library of streaming content has grown to include over 6,000 hours of video from 25 networks. The app, which also allows customers to remote control their DVRs and schedule recordings, has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times since it launched in November last year.
The newly updated Xfinity app for iPhone and iPod touch expands the cable provider’s goal to bring entertainment to practically any gadget with a screen — televisions, personal computers, tablets and mobile devices.
The launch of the highly-requested video streaming feature for Apple’s mobile devices didn’t come without a couple of glitches. Some users reported trouble launching the app after downloading the update. Comcast recommends customers delete any existing copies of Xfinity TV before installing version 1.5. And CNET’s Christopher MacManus reported some difficulties playing videos for more than 15 seconds, but attributed the issue to the massive number of people poking around the new on-demand streaming features at the same time. Lastly, like its iPad counterpart, on-demand video is only available through a Wi-Fi connection — 3G streaming or downloading for later offline viewing is not available with this release.
On the bright side, unlike competitors Cablevision and Time Warner, Comcast allows its customers to stream videos on any Wi-Fi network, not just the one you have at home. So, whether you’re curled up in bed or sipping a coffee at your neighborhood Starbucks, you can still catch up on the latest comedy stylings of Conan O’Brien or squeeze in an episode of Seinfeldusing your iPhone (3G, 3GS or 4) or iPod touch (2nd, 3rd or 4th generation) running iOS 4.

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