WWDC 2011 videos not viewable in Google Chrome; Safari and iTunes only

WWDC 2011 session videos that Apple released a week ago cannot be viewed using Google’s Chrome, reader Val discovered. He writes:

Trying to watch the WWDC videos in Chrome… Not letting me. Is Apple not in favor of Chrome?

Sure enough, trying to watch the videos using either the latest stable Chrome version or the experimental Canary build yields the same results. Firefox and Opera on both Mac and Windows are also big no-nos. This is even more peculiar knowing that the session videos are H.264-encoded streams, just like the WWDC 2011 keynote stream that renders in Chrome without a hiccup (below), sans the lack of the full screen button which is only available in Safari. Makes you wonder whether this is just an omission or intentional play on Apple’s part. Thoughts?


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