Wolfram Astronomy Course Assistant

If you’re looking for Taurus, this is one app that cuts through the bull.
The latest in a series of academically inclined iOS applications that rely on Wolfram Alpha’s computational engine to do their heavy lifting, Wolfram Astronomy Course Assistant is designed to meet the specific needs of students enrolled in college-level computational astronomy courses. This ain’t Star Walk, and for its intended audience, that’s a good thing.
Boasting an easy to navigate interface, the application offers access to a wide variety of tools for making calculations that are de rigueur for surviving the intense math that comes with understanding the underpinnings of the universe. Kepler’s and Newton’s Laws? They’re in there. Want to estimate the probability of life on another world, calculate the escape velocity from a celestial entity or sort out the digits for angular momentum? Wolfram Astronomy Course Assistant’s got you covered. 
Thanks to Wolfram, it’s easy to find the best place to burn the eyes right out of your head.
As an added bonus, the application is universal, making it the perfect companion in either the lecture hall with your iPad or on the go with your iPhone. The only real quibble we have is that the app’s powerful functionality is entirely dependent upon a data connection. However, given that this application will mostly be rocked by individuals working in a classroom, home, or lab environment, wrangling a data connection shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Without EDGE, 3G, or Wi-Fi, the app can’t even manage to add two plus two.
The bottom line. For those that need its powerful computational abilities, Wolfram Astronomy Course Assistant is a must-have that will save you hours of number crunching and more than a bit of your sanity. However,  For $4.99, we’d like to see a little more stand-alone bang for our App Store buck.
Wolfram Alpha LLC
iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad running iOS 3.2 or later
Offers powerful mission-specific computational resources. Great user interface. Universal app.
Useless without a data connection.

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