Will there be an iPhone lite?

The most recent iPhone lite picture. Supposedly this device is made out of plastic instead of glass to keep the price down

Facebook user Eugene C. asks: “Is it likely there will be a lower end cheaper version of the upcoming iPhone?”

iPhone Nano, iPhone lite, iCloud iPhone… rumors of a cheaper, lower-end iPhone have been circulating since the original iPhone (and its $500 price tag) first debuted in ’07. And, with each successive iPhone launch since, it seems the Supreme Overlord of iPhone Rumors* can’t help but toss in a couple stories about such a device even with no hard evidence to back them up. Though, what confuses me most is that people continue believing said rumors, even though it’s grown abundantly clear over the last few years that Apple most likely will not launch a cheaper iPhone.

If we look at the way Apple has handled iPhone launches in the past, it’s obvious that manufacturing a cheaper phone is not something it likes to do. Instead, last year’s model drops down to the entry-level price to make way for the newest edition to the iPhone family. And although the older iPhone is sold for less (and usually with less memory), it’s the same iPhone that we’ve grown to know and love over the past year.

It doesn’t seem plausible to me that Apple would alter this system now. The iPhone 4 is an excellent device, and one that will probably go on being quite popular even after the iPhone 5 is released. Though, if Apple launched a lower-end iPhone 5, it would cut the iPh4?s shelf life in half, which doesn’t really make sense.

Furthermore, Apple is a company that has a reputation for products that are a bit pricier, but of an excellent build quality with great features – it chooses better products over a lower price tag. It’s crazy to think that Apple would put in the time, money, and effort to develop an iPhone 5 only to water it down and cut some of the best features to fill a category that is already filled by last year’s model.

So, I believe the likelihood of a lower-end iPhone 5 debuting is very, very low. I think we will see the iPhone 4 follow the trend of it’s predecessors and take the spot of entry-level iPhone while the iPhone 5, in all its glory, gets the top spot.

Do you agree, or do you think that when the iPhone 5 is finally launched, it’ll be joined by a cheaper model? Comment below or send me a tweet.

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