White iPhone 4 to Launch April 26th or not?

Not so long ago, Apple removed all images of the white iPhone 4 from its website and it seemed for a brief period that the device would never launch. While rumors turned to the iPhone 5, the white device seemed to have been disregarded. That period didn’t last very long, and speculation about the device is now very much in full flow once again.
Last week Apple confirmed that the white iPhone 4 would launch this spring, while a Bloomberg report claimed that it could launch before the end of April.
It now seems April 26th could be the special day. In an exclusive report, iPhoneItalia (Google translation) cites information they have received from a “reliable source,” who has confirmed the device will arrive on that date.
So, if you’re still waiting, you have another date to pencil into your calendar. However, we’d suggest that you don’t start camping out in front of stores just yet.

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