Where are you going for dinner today ? : Diner Rush

I have been a great fan of simulation games after I discovered some really addicting games on facebook. Diner Rush is the latest restaurant simulation game on the app store , developed by [X]CUBELABS and stands 7th of the Top 10 Free apps chart .
By serving food to customers and performing sundry other tasks, you can earn enough money to customize your little restaurant to fit your tastes and grow it into a larger restaurant. Every recipe in the game requires a certain amount of time to create, anything from 1 minute to a couple of hours.
app review diner rush

The Yummy Factor:

The game includes over 16 recipe’s to match your taste and preference categorized on basis of type of food like fast food , Dinner , Desserts and Chef’s treat . Choosing a recipe takes you to the kitchen of your restaurant where you perform steps like slicing, chopping, peeling, dicing, adding ingredients and finally cooking your chosen recipe. Each recipe is cooked on an individual stove and you need a counter table to keep it for serving. As you advance to higher levels you will need to have more number of stoves and counters to cater to the demands of every customer coming in your restaurant which can purchased by using the coins and cash in game. You earn coins when customers buy food in your restaurant; you also earn XP points which are the most important criterion for advancing to higher level.

The elegant look:

The first thing anyone would take into account when visiting a restaurant is its ambience rather than food. You can spice up your cafe with lot of decorative including wide variety of tables, chairs, walls, tiles, doors, plants and lot more. The in game coins helps you buy stuff for your restaurant , but there are also products which will require game cash which can only be earned on special tasks like starting the game for first time or adding a facebook profile  .

Get Richer, built bigger:

Once you get in the flow you learn a lot of new recipes and start preparing them in your restaurant. You also make it look more impressive to anyone who visits your restaurant but as your restaurant gets more popular it gets difficult to accommodate the ever growing crowd in there. The game gives you a choice to buy more land surrounding it by paying in cash or coins at certain levels and build a more spacious restaurant.

The Social you:

With the tight facebook integration you can be sure you never lose the progress of your game and  play your game from any compatible iOS device near you. Diner Rush syncs the game to your facebook account after you permit it to access your basic profile details. The game includes a section called Showcase where you can see people playing Diner rush around the world in random order with their experience (in terms of level) and restaurant feedback (happiness) by customers. You visit anyone’s restaurant and check-in to receive XP points; simultaneously you can also add them as your friend which in turn makes them your neighbour and gives you a chance to be a mayor of their restaurant if you visit them daily.

The Smart Kitchen:

Each time you cook a dish in the game you would definitely not want it to get spoiled just because it wasn’t served on time. The game intelligently implements home screen notifications which will notify you each time a recipe has been cooked completely. So you can directly go to the app from anywhere on your device by choosing the view option.
Within the game you can see your progress on the top bar which displays your current level, XP points, coins, cash and user happiness. These stats can be also hidden by a quick double tap anywhere on the screen to experience a cleaner screen.

The Bottom line:

The game has a really impressive graphics and smooth animations which will give a great experience on your Retina display. The UI is very user-friendly and far more responsive when compared to other sluggish simulation games, this makes any newbie quickly adapt to a UI like this if even if he hasn’t played a simulation game in past. The game price has dropped down from $2.99 to Free, so have another great reason to own it without losing a penny.
Screenshots from the app :

app review diner rush

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