Weather Channel adventure series links to iPad app

The Weather Channel has recently introduced a new “adventure” series called From the Edge, and instead of the usual weather forecasts and reports, the show seeks out some extreme weather, exploring the world in search of some of the craziest natural phenomena around. What’s most interesting about this from our perspective, however, is that the show has a free companion iPad app, designed to connect up viewers to all kinds of extras based around photographer Peter Lik’s journeys. The app actually “syncs” up to the show’s audio, and feeds out information in what seems like real time as you’re watching.
Even if you’re not into “crazy weather” programming, it’s a really cool idea. Media blogger Steve Smith agrees, and says it’s a great example of the growing trend of “second screen programming” — programming for a computer or mobile device that’s designed to extend the experience you have while watching television.
Not only does it obviously promote the show you’re watching, but it gets viewers more connected with the property as a whole, especially since so many of us these days are already browsing the ‘net or playing with apps while we watch television anyway. We’ll definitely see more of this going forward, on both the TV screen and the one sitting in our laps.

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