Wall Street Predicts ‘Conservative’ Apple Guidance in Wake of Japan Quake

Predictions for Apple in 2011
Although Apple’s quarterly earnings report won’t be out until next week, two analysts already predict the tech giant will announce “conservative guidance.” The tech giant, which usually tries to game the process by announcing low guidance in order to beat the Street’s expectations, may truly be hurt by the repercussions following the Japanese earthquake.
Goldman lowered its revenue for the June quarter to $22.66bn, down from $22.67bn. Barclays told investors Wednesday it sees the timing of the iPhone 5, iPad 2 availability and the ipact of Japan as “key factors” in the upcoming second-quarter report.

Despite both Goldman Sachs and Barclays warning of supply chain disruptions for Apple, they envision only a slight hiccup for profits. For Goldman, the dip presents a buying opportunity. “We look for the stock to perk up again after the quarter,” Baclays assures.

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