VoxOx releases iPhone app

I wrote about VoxOx earlier this year when I saw the Mac app at CES, and the company has now released an iPhone version that connects up to all of the various chat protocols and connections straight from your iPhone. Just like the Mac version, the iPhone app features a unified contact list, and offers access to all kinds of services, from IM and SMS to voice calls and even faxes straight in and out of the app. There’s a video demo of the app online, and it’s a free download, though you’ll need a VoxOx account to use it.
A few of the reviews on the app say there might be an issue with some incoming calls, but given that it’s a brand new release, there may be a few hiccups that need to be fixed in future releases. That said, if you’re a user of the VoxOx service, this app is a no-brainer, and even if you’re not, but still looking for an all-in-one communication solution, it might be worth a look.

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