Typeplace – Share Your Typeface Passion

Serif, San Serif, letterpress, kerning – typenerds of the world know these terms and know them well. Everywhere we travel, we see interesting uses of fonts in public places. Many of us even take pictures of them for inspiration and interest. What if you could use your iPhone to share these interesting findings within your social circle?
Typeplace is a new and cool way to discover, share, fave, and even share geo-tagged noteworthy pieces of typography with friends. Like Gowalla, Typeplace also awards virtual “badges” and certificates. The app has a nice interface, a familiar bottom tab bar and subtle brown and wood color scheme.
You need a Twitter account to use the app, so after you log in start snapping away or import images from Photos app. Each image you take saves the location of the photo and displays it in-app under the snapshot. You can even open it in Maps to get a better view – very cool. After you decide, you label the typeface by Serif, Sans Serif, Slab, etc. and add comments before uploading it to the Typeplace social stream. You can post to your Twitter stream after uploading if you choose as it’s not automatic (thank goodness).
It wouldn’t be social without a leaderboard and the ability to fave shots. There you can view thumbs and details of the most popular images. The profile tab stores all your uploaded images as well as your “Trophy Cabinet” which shows your achievements. If you find a user that has exceptional taste, click the icon on the bottom left and select View Profile then Follow to add them to your Friend Feed.

Typeplace is available now in the App Store for only $0.99 so check it out if you’re a typenerd like myself.

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