Twitterrific 4.1 for iOS released, includes username auto-complete and spam reporting

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Here’s something to write up to 140 characters about. The Iconfactory deployed version 4.1 of its award winning Twitter client, Twitterrific, to the App Store on Thursday. The new version offers users a smorgasbord of enhancements and bug fixes.
Macworld’s “Twitter Client of the Year” in 2010 and a favorite among many of us here at TUAW, Twitterrific is available for free as an ad-supported version. An in-app upgrade allows customers to ditch the advertisements and manage multiple Twitter accounts for US$4.99. The app is compatible with iPhone,iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Continue reading to see a full listing of new features and bug fixes offered in Twitterrific version 4.1.

New Features

  • Username auto-completion when composing a tweet
  • “Report Spammer” option on user profiles (must not be following)
    • Tap and hold on a user’s avatar for quick access to report action
  • Support for media uploads & URL shortening
  • Camera support for iPad 2
  • Settings option to toggle Global Trends on/off
  • New Advanced settings
    • Keep scrolled to top (if already at the top)
    • Mentions by Strangers to limit mentions to only people you follow
    • Quick View to open links in Safari instead of in-app browser


  • Timeline views in pop-overs now color coded properly
  • Single tap and tap & hold actions re-organized for easier access
  • Single tweet view eliminated for faster access to tweet actions
  • iPad tap shortcuts: Double tap for conversation, triple tap to fave
  • Switching accounts now returns directly to the timeline for faster loading (iPhone & iPod)
  • Improved loading of multiple tweets in a conversation when selected
  • Automatic updating of the timeline while the app is left running
  • User profiles and lists appearances updated to “card style” to match the Mac
  • User profiles now include total number of tweets from a user
  • Text size settings now also affect text in the compose area and sidebar
  • Large font size setting is slightly larger
  • Improved error handling via new status bar notifications
  • Timestamps now update in real time

Bug Fixes

  • Global trends now load properly
  • Double emoji icons are no longer displayed in the timeline
  • Fixed a bug that caused jump-to-top by tapping the status bar to stop working
  • User avatar loading was improved
  • Hash tags containing underscores are now displayed correctly
  • Links in smart quotes (like can be opened now
  • All YouTube videos now play correctly in the mini-browser
  • Fixed a crash when tapping 2 or more tweets simultaneously

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