Turn Work into Playful Productivity with Dunnit

Dunnit! is a task management app for iOS devices. There are like ten thousand other apps that help manage tasks and get things done. What’s so unique about this app you ask? Dunnit! converts all your work into play. I am not kidding, earn points by simply using the app all the while being productive.
You earn points not only for completing a task but for creating one too. Dunnit! comes with OpenFeint integration. With this feature you can now compete with friends and strangers to become the King of productivity. The more you use the app, the more points you score on the leaderboard.

On the regular features front, Dunnit! organizes your tasks into smart groups based on the due date. That way you don’t have to select from a bunch of different time filters like today, tomorrow, some day and the like. Adding repeat tasks is a breeze and Dunnit! thoughtfully creates the task again only after you complete the immediate one. This ensures that the tiny screen of your mobile isn’t cluttered with multiple listings of the same task.
Another notable feature of the app is the ease with which one can create multiple tasks in one go. There are a few ways to add multiple tasks, but the one that really got my attention was the option to import tasks from the clipboard. While copying to the clipboard, do ensure that all the lines have proper breaks, that way tasks are added in the correct sequence.
Dunnit! is all about getting things done and showing off to people that you are a productivity ninja. If the OpenFeint integration is not enough to stroke your ego, try auto tweeting all your accomplishments as soon as they are done.
Rewards and incentives motivate people to be more productive and efficient. Consider Dunnit! points to be your virtual currency for tangible success!

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