Tina Fey Hassled At Google For Using iPhone, iPad

Tina Fey mimes using her iPhone during the Google chat.
Tina Fey must have thought she was just going to Google to promote her biography “Bossypants,” but she was in for some evangelism from Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and a little hostility from the crowd.

The “fireside chat” first turns to gadgets about 25 minutes into the conversation. When asked about her five-year-old daughter, Fey says she uses her phone with “4,000 pictures on it” makes the unmistakeable iPhone scrolling motion with her finger and says “the phone is a good way to see what you’re actually doing in your life.”
“And we want you to use a more powerful phone,” Schmidt interjects. The crowd laughs. Fey tries to interject a remark (“How do you know…?”) but gets interrupted.
“And we have a lot of applications that can tell you where you can go and what you should do,” he says.
“Yeah, OK,” Fey nods looking slightly embarrassed. “I have some of them,” she adds, turning away from him.
“This is what we do, we’re good at it,” Schmidt continues.
Then Fey asks if he could tell by the scrolling motion she made that he could tell she was talking about the competition. Schmidt says that she’ll want a more powerful phone so she can keep track of her daughter when she gets older.
About five minutes later at the 29:30 mark, Schmidt reads out a question from a fan in Mexico who wants to know what high-tech gadgets Fey uses.
She looks at the floor, says “not so many” then says an iPhone and an iPad. Turns to the audience and says, “Is that bad?”
They murmur and grumble until Schmidt reminds them there are a lot of Google products on those devices.
Tough crowd.

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