ThinkBook for iPad Arrives from Creators of Comic Zeal

ThinkBookIf you’re still looking for the perfect note-taking app for the iPad, your search may just have ended. The creators of the popular Comic Zeal Comic Reader have just released ThinkBook, an “organizational marvel” for notebooks and outlines.

bitolithic has just released their latest app for the iPad called ThinkBook, a note-taking solution which “adapts to you, not the other way around.” As anyone who’s used the company’s flagship Comic Zeal Comic Reader can attest to, bitolithic knows how to make a slick app that does far more than it would seem on the surface.

While ThinkBook is ideal for taking simple notes and organizing them into libraries, the iPad-only app offers much more thanks to its innovative slider — as the app description notes, “you can push notes, pages, notebooks… anything into it. Then go anywhere in your library and drag them out. It’s an incredibly fast way of rearranging your information.”

The app also has something for everyone. Students can use ThinkBook to keep class notes, add questions and to-dos and use the app’s unique “finder” notes to get organized. Business professionals can record meeting minutes and keep project notes , as well as easily plan work by grouping to-dos into projects. For everyone else, users can take notes from books you read, tag each section with topics covered and easily search for them later.

ThinkBook also integrates with Dropbox for backing up and restoring your notes, pages, notebooks and projects as text files, where you can work on them with your computer and then import them back into the app. The same functionality is also available with iTunes file sharing as well.

ThinkBook is available now on the App Store for the special launch price of $1.99 for the first few days. The 5.9MB download requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with the iPad only.

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