The RainBallet : An iPhone 4 Underwater Case

The RainBallet iPhone case protects your precious device from the ravages of water and dust, but it’s also got super clear lenses for the front and back cameras. This means that your iPhone can now be your underwater camera too.
Water is probably the number two killer of iPhones, right behind just dropping them. I’ve had some water scares with mine but I’ve managed to escape disaster.
My phone has largely survived because if I’m going to the beach or spending the day at the pool it stays securely stowed away somewhere.
The RainBallet waterproof case for iPhone 4 will protect your phone against impact, sand and water. This means that you should be able to take it to the beach without having to fear for it. It also features what maker The Joy Factory is calling ‘Sharpvue’ lenses that let you shoot pictures and video with either camera underwater.
They’ve also designed the RainBallet to pass sound easily so that your videos don’t have a muffled audio soundtrack while they’re in the case. I’ve seen my share of waterproof cases for the iPhone, I’m actually testing a couple right now, but this one looks like a standout.
It runs a reasonable, if not exactly cheap $40 and they’re available at The Joy Factory.
As a bonus, check out this hilariously awkward demonstration video.

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