The Incredible Machine – Daily iOS App

A little while back, we spotlighted the great game Casey’s Contraptionsin this space, and the credit was well-deserved at the time (and still is). But that game was inspired in large part by an older game called The Incredible Machine, worked on by programmer Jeff Tunnell. Tunnell recently went to work for Playdom, and that company is now owned by Disney’s interactive arm. So when Tunnell also decided recently that he wanted to bring The Incredible Machine to iOS, Disney gladly helped out with publishing.

If I had to choose one, I’d say Casey’s Contraptions is the more full-featured title, and my recommendation for that one is as strong as ever. But I also spent some time with Incredible Machine in Disney’s booth at E3 this week, and it’s a pretty solid title as well. The game comes with 60 levels, with more available in extra packs, and if you’re a fan of the old game, most of your favorite items are back in play here. If you shot through Casey’s and want another Rube Goldberg game to play, you can give this one a look as well.

Incredible Machine is currently available on the App Store as a universal version for iPad, and costs US$2.99.


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