Student Killed in iPad-for-Heroin Trade

Victim Malachi Urbino, from his Facebook page.
A 20-year-old died in a drug deal where the currency was an iPad for heroin.
Malachi Urbini, a student at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, was shot in the face by 19-year-old Taivon Cunningham. Urbini had reportedly previously handed over his iPod in trade four stamp bags of heroin earlier that night.
Things went awry, according to police, when the Urbini later tried to trade an iPad 2 for more drugs.
At first, a witness told police, Urbini wanted $600 for it but later agreed to exchange the computer for 20 bags of heroin. The two met in an alley in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania early Sunday morning and shots were fired.
Cunningham was arraigned Tuesday morning and denied bail. He faces charges of homicide, robbery and criminal conspiracy.

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