Stuck For Father’s Day? These iCufflinks Pulsate Just Like Daddy’s Mac

Our friends at Adafruit Industries in New York have just released glowing Mac-inspired cufflinks in time for Father’s Day this weekend.

The $128 iCufflinks pulse with the same “breathing” pattern on Apple’s Macs, MacBooks and iMacs. In fact, Adafruit’s Philip Torrone and his crew reverse engineered Apple’s LED pulse pattern.

“I co-designed these little cufflinks that subtlety pulsate like a Mac,” said Torrone in an email. “I wanted something that was futuristic but still classy enough to wear for special events when I need to get dressed up. There will be a necklace version too of course.”

The iCufflinks are similar in construction to Apple’s aluminum keyboards and Magic Trackpad. CNC Machined from the “finest” aluminum, they have a screw in backing that contains the circuit board, pulsating LED and battery.

The iCufflinks are completely open source — and can be reprogrammed to any pattern you choose. The source code, circuit board files, schematics and CAD files are posted on GitHub. “Mod & Hack away!” says Adafruit.


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