Some spiffy cases for your Square credit card reader

As we noted last week, the Square credit card reader is now available in Apple Stores all around the country — you buy the reader for $9.95, but get a $10 credit when you do so, so the only charges are what you rack up when actually accepting credit card payments. As we’ve said before, it’s a pretty easy way to use cards, whether you just need money from a friend or have a small business that only occasionally takes payments.
But that reader is tiny and easily lost, so what’s the best way to keep track of it? A special case, of course. Unpluggd has a few options for keychain cases built specifically to hold that little widget, from $10 up to the excellent case above for $25. Yes, it might seem a little strange to spend that much on a case for something that you essentially got for free. But if it helps you keep track of the reader and have it right there on hand when you need to take a big payment, it’ll be worth it, right?

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