Slap Cool Stickers On Your Photos With Happy Snapper On iPhone

Slap Cool Stickers On Your Photos With Happy Snapper On iPhone
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Happy Snapper (Free) by ustwo™ is an app that allows users to slap a variety of fun, customizable stickers onto their photos.
Remember stickers? They were all sorts of fun. It was cool to slap some funny ones onto photographs for that comedic effect. But now that we all take our photos with our iPhones nowadays, we’ve kind of lost that old-school sticker fun, until now. Happy Snapper is here to fill those good times of sticker slapping onto your iPhone photos.
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In Happy Snapper, you can choose to add up to three stickers at once that can be placed on top of the camera view or photo import. Or you can get the photo first, and then place the stickers on, it doesn’t really matter. If you’re going with a new snap from the camera, you get all the normal functions that you get with the default iPhone camera, including flash, front camera, and tap-to-focus.
Happy Snapper provides a good variety of various stickers that you can slap onto your pictures. The best part is that for those stickers that have words on them, you can customize them with your own saying. These stickers have a certain limit for the characters that it can hold, so when you’re typing, a count will be shown at the top with how many characters you have remaining.
Not satisfied with the capture you took? Happy Snapper gives you the option to retake the photo with the selected stickers still in place. However, if you want to change the stickers, it’s easy to delete them from the screen by tapping and holding – for text stickers, you’ll have the option to edit the text too.
When you have the stickers that you want on the photo selected, you can use the pinching gestures to resize the sticker, move it around with your finger, and even rotate it to your liking. When you’re happy with the photo and stickers, there are options to save the image to your Camera Roll, or share by email, Facebook, and Twitter.
Happy Snapper is an app that is simple, fun, and easy-to-use. The interface is pretty smooth and unique, and responds relatively fast with nice little sound effects. The only thing that the app needs is more stickers! If you have any ideas for stickers in future updates, there is a direct way to send your ideas to the developers from within the app, as well as any general feedback.
Grab Happy Snapper for free for a limited time before it goes back up to the $0.99 price (but even then I’m pretty sure it’s worth checking out).

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