Shanghai Apple pirates arrested making fake iPads and iPhones

ApplePirateFlag Shanghai Apple pirates arrested making fake iPads and iPhonesArrrr, there be pirates! On Thursday law enforcement officials in Shanghai announced that they had broken a counterfeit ring making fake iPads and iPhone 4?s. The China Daily reports that as many as 4,466 fake electronics devices with a total value of over 5 million yuan ($764,000) were seized from a brother and sister’s home in Qipu, half of which were fake Apple products.
From outward appearances the devices were indistinguishable from the real thing, although once powered on it would be apparent to the purchaser that it was not an Apple device, police said. Six people were arrested in the operation.
As China’s population becomes more affluent, the desire for the latest tech devices has increased as well. Those who “bought fake products knew that for such a low price the items would be counterfeit, but they went ahead because they could not afford genuine ones,” said Liu Bao, an online electronics retailer.
China has been under mounting pressure to crack down on counterfeiting from a number of foreign companies, including Microsoft and entertainment companies. Since October 2010 Shanghai police have broken 150 gangs involved in intellectual property infringement and selling counterfeit goods, and have detained 777 suspects.
Article Via Forbes.

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