School Principals Also Get iPads

We’ve been following the roll-out of iPads in schools, now principals are getting them too.
Much like city councilors, the administrators are using tax dollars for iPads to reduce paper and, to some extent, paperwork.
Case in point: in Salisbury, North Carolina, all seven principals in the district are using them to perform teacher evaluations, classroom walkthroughs and assessments, calendars . The highly totable tablet allows them to patrol the halls and take notes, potentially making them more present and active in school affairs.
The rationale seems sound, until you read this:
“I walked through rooms showing my iPad off to students, taking pictures and having conversations with kids about how technology makes learning more fun,” Nancy Barkemeyer principal of West Rowan Middle school said. “Having a new ‘toy’ helped me make connections with some kids.”
Still, aside from trying to impress the cool kids (do we ever stop trying?), it might be good that school principals get up to speed, tech-wise.
What do you think about spending tax dollars for administrator iPads?

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