ScanDrop comes to Mac: makes scanning to cloud services simple

I’ve been a fan of a paperless workflow for a couple of years now, and I rely heavily on Evernote for organizing everything scannable that crosses my desk. One of the tools I’ve found invaluable for speeding up the scan and filing process is ScanDrop, as it allows me to scan a document and do basic image editing. I can also send a PDF to Evernote with a name, tags, and the appropriate Notebook setup without having to juggle files between multiple applications.
Unfortunately, this has also kept my scanning leashed to Windows, since ScanDrop didn’t exist for Mac OS X. I was delighted to find out that OfficeDrop has debuted a Mac OS X version on the Mac App Store at the bargain launch price of US$1.99. If you aren’t an Evernote user, ScanDrop also works directly with Google Docs and OfficeDrop’s own commercial cloud service, or you can scan files to any location on your drive, enabling you to sync documents to Dropbox, iDisk or similar solutions.
The only downside is ScanDrop depends on the service to do optical character recognition (OCR), so you’ll need to be an Evernote Premium user, a subscriber to OfficeDrop, or put up with the limitations with Google Docs’ OCR. If you’re saving to your drive, you may need to find an additional tool for OCR or live without searchable text documents.
Make sure to read over the details about scanner support to make sure ScanDrop will work with your hardware before you click purchase.

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