Save Newton from the evil intentions of apple tree : Newton Apples

Isaac Newton was a great English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, alchemist, and theologian. Almost everybody on the planet knows the gravitation and motion laws discovered by him. But would it had been possible if Newton was distracted while his researches by evil objects. The aim of the game is to protect Newton from the apples falling from the tree under which he is taking rest. Keep popping and chopping apples until Netwon wakes up from his sleep.
When you start the game you will see Newton going under a Apple tree to take his sleep and dream about some more laws of nature . As Newton sleeps the evil tree starts dropping apples and leaves over newton .
The game features different type of apples and leaves falling from the tree . Each type of apple has a different way to be popped. Some involve a tap , others involve a swipe and leaves need to be dragged off the area by holding them . If a apple falls on ground Newton will get up and start moving from one end to other and if it hits Newton , he will leave the place bringing the game to an end and greeting you with a total failure reward . Within the game you will also find some bonus yellow coloured apples which give you access to bonus levels and giving you a chance to earn some more points . In the bonus level you play a mini game where the snake eats all the apples to complete the stage in a limited time and later you return to the same level.
The game consists of multiple profile support, so the game can be played by different users without loosing their progress . There are two modes Adventure and endless , Adventure takes you to a level by level progress mode  while Endless as the same says is a game mode all about scoring because the game never ends  . Score as many as points possible to stay on top of the leaderboard . You can toggle sound and music within the game and also change the difficulty level of the game in the settings menu.
Overall the game is fun and fast . You really need some fast finger flicking to get across all the levels .
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