Rumor: iPhone 5 arriving to UK November 21?

The rumor-mill is on a roll with predictions concerning a possible street date of next-gen iPhone, outed as iPhone 4S. British gadget magazine T3 relayed claims by a representative of retailer Phones4U who claimed the device would hit the UK market on November 21. Should Apple simultaneously launch the device in the US and major territories like the UK, then Americans would also get their hands on iPhone 5 on November 21.
A November release would add velocity to the spate of rumours suggesting that the iPhone 5 will be unveiled in September 2011, doing away with Apple’s previously rigid annual summer release schedule.
Staff at Phones4U in St Albans told the publication that the handset “would be available on similar tariffs to those offered to early iPhone 4 adopters”. We’re republishing this rumor for the sake of completeness and you should take it with a few pinches of salt. Note that November 21 is a Monday, which is an unlikely day for Apple’s high-profile launches which have thus far been Friday affairs mostly. Also, T3?s track record of rumor reporting is pretty inaccurate, to say the least.

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