Review: Griffin Wristlet for iPod nano.

The Giffin Wristlet for iPod nano is nice silicone holder for Apple’s tiniest screen-based music player. Just slip your 6th generation iPod nano into the stretchy case, then wrap the wrist strap around your wrist.
The case covers the on/off and volume buttons, protecting them from scuffs and scrapes and minor weather, but leaves the 30 pin dock connector and 3.5mm headphone jack clear for easy syncing, charging, and listening. There’s a cutout for the clip, so you can still clamp your nano onto a shirt or band or anything else if you so choose.
The wrist strap is quite comfortable, and the nice thing is you can really hang it on just about anything. And yes, it does let you weaponize your nano, kung-fu whip style — though it might not survive a lot of impacts. Unfortunately, it’s moulded out of the same single piece of silicone as the case itself so it’s not really adjustable.
All in all the Giffin Wristlet for iPod nano offers good protection, and the wrist strap an extra option for carrying around your music player. It’s available now from the TiPb iPod nano accessory store.


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Protects sides and buttons
  • Wrist strap works well


  • Doesn’t protect the screen
  • Wrist strap is not adjustable

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