Remember The Milk: Now On The iPad

iPad 1 Compared to iPad 2
After a year in the making, the Remember The Milk team has finally released its iPad application, allowing users of the service to sync their tasks, notes and lists on the go.
The team explains in its blog post that it had rebuilt the app from scratch and thrown out four different designs concepts to get the app just as they wanted it, making sure the experience was natural and intuitive on the iPad. As a result, the interface allows for different gestures, works offline and will sync when the iPad connects to an Internet connection, so notes will not be lost.
The app provides different options to organise tasks, filtering by type and date. Additions can be sorted by priority and task name, allowing the user to review completed tasks with a single gesture.
Gestures allow tasks to be completed or postponed with a simple two finger swipe, with a single tap, users can edit the task list to complete, postpone, prioritize, move, tag, and set the due date for tasks.
The app also allows users to:
  • Add Smart Lists, automatically detecting syntax in tasks and notes and adding the time accordingly. For example: ”Lunch with Mum tomorrow”, adds the task for the next day.
  • Add notes that contain email addresses, phone numbers and links, which will auto-link to Mail, Contacts and Safari.
  • See nearby tasks. Users will be able to see tasks located nearby with one tap,  in the Nearby view, so you can plan the best way to get things done.
  • Search through your tasks.
  • Save your favorite searches as Smart Lists for quick access.
  • Utilise Accessibility and VoiceOver support, the app has full support for VoiceOver, the iPad’s gesture-based screen reader.
To cater for all Remember The Milk users, the app will come with two subscription options; free and Pro.
The free version will sync manually once every 24 hours with the user’s Remember The Milk account but the Pro account will allow for the delivery of push notifications, unlimited syncing and the ability to update tasks on any device, reflecting changes on the iPad app’s icon. The Pro option is $2.99 for one month and $24.99 for a year.

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