ReaddleDocs for iPhone Review

ReaddleDocs for iPhone or iPad makes the path to our post-PC universe clear and surprisingly easy to manage.  This review covers only $4.99 iPhone version, but the separate $4.99 ReaddleDocs for iPad offers even more functionality and ease-of-use, enough to make you seriously consider whether you need all the horsepower of a full-featured laptop for your mobile computing needs.
ReaddleDocs gives your phone a robust Documents folder that lets you do everything you need to do with important files, including edit and save, rename, move, copy, archive, mail and store — and it supports everything from PDF to image files and web pages, as well as all your word processing documents.
It’s easy to set up ReaddleDocs to access any or all of your mail accounts, from MobileMe to Gmail to Yahoo, as well as any POP3 or IMAP mailbox. Find and connect to any WebDAV server within range of your device to download and manage files from there, or use ReaddleDocs’ elegant, snappy web browser to browse the Internet.
The app syncs with Readdle online storage accounts, MobileMe, Dropbox, Google Docs, and SugarSync, and supports both FTP and SFTP to any WebDAV server or host to which you have Internet access — and the latest version (2.3.1) even supports AirPrint.
The bottom line. This app has a graphically pleasing and intuitive UI, with excellent in-app help and clear navigation. Every function works flawlessly. If you were ever in doubt of your smartphone’s power, ReaddleDocs will convince you that the iPhone really is a computer.
iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 3.0 or later
Easy to set up. Clear navigation. You can click links inside PDF files and view them in-app. Syncs with multiple web services.
It’d be nice if the iPhone and iPad versions were one universal app.

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