Publishers agreeing to Apple subscriptions because consumers are opting in

iPad subscriptions: The Telegraph, Esquire, Popular Mechanics, The Oprah Magazine, Time, Fortune, and Sports Illustrated
Many print newspapers and magazines jumped on board with Apple’s subscription model for the iPad, last week, which was surprising because publishers have always been concerned about being unable to gather information from their customers because Apple requires the subscriber to opt into releasing this information. It turns out that many customers are actually agreeing to share their demographic data.
Mark Edmiston, founder of the tablet magazine studio Nomad Editions, heard from other publishers that about 50% of subscribers are opting into sharing some personal information with them. Surprised, he confirmed that figure with Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president of internet services.
So, all the sudden, what was an insurmountable obstacle no longer is.
It speaks volumes that half of the people who are confronted with the little dialogue box that asks permission to share their personal data say “yes”. People trust Apple and it’s App Store.
What about you? Do you opt in? If so, why? And if you don’t, why not?

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