Protect The Back Of Your iPad 2 With Smart Cover Extender

When Steve Jobs unveiled the Smart Cover, he put it forward as a solution to the status quo, where you have this gorgeous device and yet the only way to protect it was to sheathe it on all sides. The resulting cover is a nifty gadget in its own right, but it’s not exactly very protective: while it’ll guard the screen from being scratched in your bag, it won’t cushion your iPad 2 if it falls, and it won’t protect the back.
XGear’s Smart Cover Enhancer probably won’t protect your iPad 2 from much of a fall, but it will at least save the back of your iPad 2 from a gouging while working with your existing Smart Cover.

The Smart Cover Enhancer comes in both black and clear, and will cost $34.99 when it goes on sale at the end of the month.

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