Productive Macs bundle features eight super apps

ProductiveMacs software bundle
The folks at Apparent Software have compiled a new productivity bundle of eight apps designed to make your life easier. Individually, the ProductiveMacs bundle would cost US$221, but Apparent Software is selling the apps collectively for $29.99. Included in the bundle are the following applications:
  • TextExpander: TextExpander lets you use customized abbreviations to let you insert frequently-used text strings and images. Originally priced at $35.
  • Path Finder: Path Finder is a file browser and management application. Originally priced at $35.
  • Socialite: Socialite is multi-social network client that lets you pull information from Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Google Reader into a single app. Originally priced at $20.
  • HoudahSpot: HoudahSpot increases the functionality of Spotlight with the ability to save queries, setup templates for common search terms and tag files. Originally priced at $30.
  • Today: Today syncs with iCal and gives you a quick and easy way to view your daily agenda without launching iCal. Originally priced at $25.
  • Blast: Blast tracks your file usage and prioritizes files that you frequently access by placing them in your menu bar. Originally priced at $10.
  • Keyboard Maestro: Keyboard Maestro is a macro program the lets you execute scripts, launch applications, close multiple windows and more. Originally priced at $36.
  • Mail Act-On: Mail Act-On is a Mail plug-in that lets you process multiple email messages at once using rules and keyboard shortcuts. Originally priced at $25.
The bundle is on sale now until the end of May, so you have another two weeks to snag these applications at an 86% discount. You can also receive it for free, if two of your friends buy the bundle on your recommendation. Lastly, websites can join the affiliate program and earn $3 for each users who clicks through a hosted link and but a ProductiveMacs bundle.

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