Pool fans should check out Snooker Club for iPhone and iPad

Future Games of London, makers of the popular Pool Bar – Online Hustle and (my favorite) Hungry Shark games, have just released Snooker Club for iOS. For those of you who don’t know, snooker is a pool-like game popular in Commonwealth countries. You play it on a 12-foot table with 22 balls. The person who pots the most balls wins the frame (individual game). The person who wins the most frames wins the game.
In most billiards halls, you’ll find groups of old men huddled around the snooker table, but FGOL has done away with the geezers and populated the Snooker Club, and you can play as one of seven beautiful women. You can play vs the computer or against a friend using two-player mode.
Like Pool Bar before this, Snooker Club features beautiful graphics with fluid camera controls and great ball physics. Best of all, the game is free for a limited time. Snooker Club is a universal app and requires iOS 4.1 or later.

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