Photosmith Lets You Do Some Lightrooming On Your iPad

If you like to manage your photos on your iPad but prefer Lightroom’s rich feature set to iPhoto or Aperture, meet Photosmith, an app for the iPad that allows you to do all of your Lightroom organizing, rotating, sorting, metadata editing, labeling and keywording.
All you do is import your photos into Photosmith using your method of choice — Camera Connection Kit, EyeFi card, email, etc — then do all of the light editing and organizing on your iPad. When you get back to your main computer, a Photosmith plugin for Lightroom slurps the images into your library, ready for editing.
Don’t want to wait to get home to share? No problem. You can export your photos using Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox or e-mail.
This is a pretty cool program for the die-hard photographer working within Lightroom. On your next vacation, you can leave the laptop at home and just bring along your iPad for most of your on-the-go needs. $18. [viaGadget Lab]

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