Photoshop For iPad To Be Updated With Support For Layers

Photography Bay got to go hands on with an updated Photoshop app for the iPad, which will bring support for layers and new features to compared original and edited photos. Recently, the Photoshop app was updated to its second version which included multitasking support and an update to utilize the Retina Display on the iPhone. Back in November, Adobe’s John Nack offered some insight as to what features would arrive in future app updates after a brief survey. Electronista notes that an updated Photoshop would, “help address the lack of content creation, one of the most commonly cited flaws of the platform.” Maybe the author hasn’t been paying attention, but while Adobe is updating Photoshop, many other photo editors such as Photogene, Masque, and PhotoForge have existed for a while. An update to Photoshop is still, however, a welcome addition to the iPad. While the Photography bay was able to snap some blurry demo photos and video, the video hasn’t been published online and has been noted to be published later tonight.

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