nvALT 2.0 Launches with (Multi)Markdown, HTML/CSS Template Support

Notational Velocity is a huge productivity tool for keep tracking of internal notes with tags and content linking, and followers of Brett Terpstra are probably already big fans of the nvALT project that’s designed to add power-user friendly features to a favorite text client. With help from ElasticThreadsnvALT 2.0 has been released which highlights lots of killer features that can be added to Notational Velocity. I’ve listed just a few below (I encourage you to check out Brett’s site and the project page) for a quick taste of what nvALT 2.0 has to offer.
  • Textile and (Multi)Markdown support with Preview window (hold down Control to view temporarily)
  • Custom HTML/CSS templates can be included in saved output from the Preview
  • Convert imported URLs to Markdown, and optionally strip excess content with Readability
  • Word Count (hold down Option to view temporarily)
  • Full-screen mode
As a fork of Notional Velocity, nvALT is a keyboard-focused text editor that’s being improved to deliver rich features that writers such as myself rely on to get things done, take notes, and quickly exit ideas from my brain box. If you’re already familiar with Notational Velocity, it works with Simplenote on your favorite iOS device, and it can be extended thanks to the great nvALT project Brett and other volunteers are working on. It doesn’t replace Notational Velocity, but runs alongside it with it’s own set of preferences and additional features.

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