New Core version of Curio in the Mac App Store

We’ve mentioned the brainstorming, mind mapping, project managing notebook application Curio a few times before. The full version, Curio Professional, runs US$169.99, and the Standard version is US$119.99, both well worth it, in this blogger’s opinion. Today, however, Curio announced a new Core Edition in the Mac App Store, with a tasty price of US$39.99.
The Core version retains many of the essential tools from the full versions, including the freeform note-taking and brainstorming style of the original. You can place rich text figures, flowcharts, mind maps in various configurations, shapes with gradient fills and shadow effects, connection lines, tables and more right into your workspaces. You can also embed documents, images, movies and other media. You have lists, outlines, and even to-do lists available. Sort your ideas on index cards and rearrange them in the freeform space.
Curio Core Screenshot
Tagging, checkmarks, percent complete, priorities and ratings, as well as advanced search features make project management easy. There is also a wide array of import and export options, keeping your data portable and making presenting your ideas a simple task.
At the new price of US$39.99, it’s worth a look for users who’ve been holding out, as well as for folks who’ve never heard of Curio before. While there’s not a free trial of the Core version available (Mac App Store-style)Zengobi just informed me that there is, in fact, a 15-day trial version (extendable to 60-day) of Core available at Consult the comparison matrix to see what features are available in the Core version vs. full versions.

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