MySaver keeps iPhone cable from breaking

The MySaver is a Kickstarter project meant to keep our iOS device cablesfrom fraying and pulling apart.

When it comes to iPod/iPhone/iPad cables, I’ve been one of the lucky ones. Mine have never frayed too badly. However I know plenty of people that have gone through five or more cables on a single device in a year. They swear it’s not their cats chewing up the cables either. They say Apple just doesn’t make them resilient enough. Whatever the case, if you go through iPhone cables like they’re going out of style, the MySaver could be for you.

The MySaver works by increasing the size of the casing covering the dock connector and adding a trail of flexible silicon to the first inch of cable that comes off the dock connector. Think of it as adding a flexible cast to your iPhone cable. It’s got a stronger backbone, which prevents it from fraying.

If they finally ship, the MySaver will come in two varieties. The MySaver:Pro will include docking and USB connectors plus an OEM-grade docking cable. The MySaver:DIY will include the sheath and connectors which you can add to your own cable(s).

As of this writing, MySaver is looking for US$15,000 in Kickstarter pledges. They already have $8,800, so they’re not too far off. If the product launches, the MySaver:Pro will cost $24.99 and the DIY variety will run you $10.99. Both models will be available in five colors.

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