Muscle System Pro II shows the great potential of iPad apps

Mark my words: Muscle System Pro II will one day appear in an iPad commercial. It’s that good. This is one of those apps that show you just how powerful the iPad can be. Muscle System Pro II by 3D 4 Medical is an interactive learning tool that allows the user to completely explore the muscular anatomy of the human body. It uses photo realistic 3D models that the user can control in real time. You can strip away muscle layer by layer, rotate around them, view different parts of the body from different angles, and that’s just for starters.
You can look up 433 of the major muscles in the human body. Rotate any part of the body around to see its anterior, superior, inferior, or lateral views. Pinch to zoom in on a specific muscle and you’ll see just how detailed the 3D models are — you can even see the direction the muscle and fascia fibers are running. When you tap on a muscle’s pin (a marker labeling the muscle) a pop up shows the muscle’s name, its origin, insertion, what action it performs, its innervation, and its arterial supply. Furthermore you can add a note to the muscle to record your thoughts or comments about it.
Muscle System Pro II isn’t cheap at US$39.99, but this isn’t your run of the mill app. This is a 3D powerhouse of interactive anatomy that every doctor, chiropractor, nurse practitioner, and massage therapist should own, not to mention every medical student or anyone interested in human anatomy. When you use an app like this, it’s easy to tell that tablets are not just the future of consumer computing, but of learning and medical reference.
Check out the video after the break to see Muscle System Pro II in action.

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