MPlayerX Could Be the Best Mac Video Player Ever.

If you haven’t downloaded free MPlayerX yet, do it now. The newish player (it;s been around for just over a year) is the perfect balance between simplicity and performance. It’s the player QuickTime should have been — it’s simple, it’s pretty and it plays absolutely anything you throw at it. It has features like multitouch control via a trackpad that allows you to not only jog control — in a way that makes QuickTime seem awkward and clumsy — but also control volume. Here’s a full list of features from the app’s Mac App Store page:
• Play almost any format of file or stream.
• Multi-touch. Control the player with your fingers.
• Intelligently detecting the encoding of the subtitles. No need for encoding conversion.
• Direct pass through. Connect, play, enjoy your home theater.
• Multi-monitor support. Wanna work while watching your collection? just drag and F.
• Apple Remote support. Watch your favorites in sofa, more comfortable.
• Automatically find the next episode. Enjoy the whole afternoon, with just one click.
• Forget where you stopped playing last time? MPlayerX won’t.

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