Matching pictures is a fun filled brain excercise with Madmatch

The best part about puzzle games is the addiction they create for themselves. If you like puzzle games on iPhone MadMatch is the right game for you this season. In this game you have to figure out similar pair. Keep matching identical cards to complete the puzzle in the shortest possible time. For fun or for mind exercise you can play it in any mood with its different game modes.
Mad Match consists of different animals, birds, under water creatures and more printed on the cards for easily recognizing them. All the cards face the other side, you need to tap on two cards one after the other to turn them and see whether they match. Memorize the images and match them when you find their correct pair.
The game consists of 4 different game modes Zen Match, Shaking Match, Hypno Match and Mad Match. All modes have different difficulty level and challenges. Out of them Zen match is the easiest while in other modes , each time your selection goes wrong the place of cards gets changed . You can select between 2 cards switching (easy) and 4 cards switching (hard) in individual modes.
Scores for each mode and each difficulty are recorded in the score sheets where you can see your best score and improve upon them by competing against your own score. If you would like a fresh beginning you can erase all your best scores and start from scratch.
One thing you will notice in the app is a beautiful wooden design UI , not only does the UI look good but also gives a nice feel with its smooth functioning and perfectly designed selection buttons .
We loved the puzzle game in terms of usability, good interface, low price and high addictiveness. Mad Match is a game which can be played by all age groups whether you are a kid or a grandparent; it is definitely worth a try.
Screenshots from the app :


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