MacUpdate Promo offers 10 Mac apps for $49.99

There are quite a few bundle deals around these days, but MacUpdate has consistently offered one of the best. There are only four days left to pick up its latest offering.

According to MacUpdate, the value of the apps if purchased separately would be $367, however, with the discount users get an 87 percent discount. That puts the price of the bundle at $49.99.

The list of apps include some classics like Parallels Desktop, TechTool Pro and Civilization, but there’s a little something for everyone in here.
Other apps in the bundle include 1Password, MacUpdate Desktop, DVDRemaster Pro, Mac DVDRipper, Hands Off, App Tamer, and A Better Finder Rename.
You can purchase all of the apps and pick up a couple free ones by visiting the MacUpdate Promo Web site.

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