MacPilot Review

Demystifying the Terminal

The Terminal is the single most powerful thing on your Mac, its command-line interface. But if you type in the wrong command, either nothing will happen or you could wreak real havoc on your system. Let MacPilot drive, and it won’t steer you wrong. The well-organized, friendly interface includes hundreds of ways to tweak features on your Mac, run maintenance routines, back up files — everything the Terminal can do. But you just click. It’s super-complete, easy to use…quite brilliant, really.
All the power of the Terminal, without having to type a single command.
The bottom line. It’s like valet parking or hiring movers; sure, you could do it yourself, but why sweat it?
MacPilot 4.1.7
Koingo Software
Mac OS 10.6.6 or later
You’ll never have to worry about typing a Terminal command again. Includes tons of options you probably didn’t know about.
Technically you could do all of this for free…with the Terminal.

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