LogMeIn Ignition update adds file management / transfer capability

LogMeIn Ignition (US$29.99) is a popular tool for making hassle-free remote control sessions to Macs and PCs. We’ve reviewed the universal app on TUAW before, and it’s a well-designed tool for those who may not want to play with router settings and firewall ports to get a VNC connection going.
Now LogMeIn has added a new feature to Ignition that raises the bar for remote control apps. In an update that appeared last week to version 2.0.264, LogMeIn Ignition gained the ability to view, transfer, and save folders between your iOS device and Mac or PC. The capability is easy to use and very simple; you have a choice of either doing a remote control session or a file manager session when you log into your remote computers. Once that’s done, Ignition keeps a status screen available containing windows with either the remote control or file manager sessions for each computer you’ve connected to.
File transfer works very well. In the app is a Local Files folder where you can store those documents that you bring over from your Mac or PC. You can then open those documents in a compatible app (i.e., Pages for .doc / .docx files) and make changes. There is no “round-tripping” capability — that is, you can’t then save those documents back onto a PC or Mac through the app. However, I’m wondering if the “Saved from Other Apps” folder that appears in the Local Files folder is designed for future use by compatible apps so you can do a round trip.
If you have more than one remote computer that you’re connected to with LogMeIn Ignition, you can actually move files between those remote computers. There’s now support for AirPrint printing of documents that you copy or move to your iPad, and the app can even wake a sleeping remote computer through Wake-On-LAN.
Existing users of LogMeIn Ignition should make sure that they update their app as soon as possible, and those who are looking for a remote control or file management app may want to consider LogMeIn Ignition for their work. Be sure to check out the gallery for screenshots of LogMeIn Ignition at work.

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