League of Evil Gets Big 30 Level Update, Teases Level Editor

League of Evil
Back in February we wrote about a fantastic new platformer that was coming out called League of Evil [iTunes Link]. The game played very similarly to the independent gaming hit Super Meat Boy, which was (and still is) a very exciting thing for the iOS platform. Rather than struggling with touch screen controls like most iOS platformers, League of Evil excelled. Today we’re getting word that the platformer has received its second big update.
The update will add 30 new levels to the experience. Add that to the first update from March – in which they collaborated with Halfbot to cross-promote LoE with The Blocks Cometh [iTunes Link] – and the game is now more than twice the size it originally was when it released. League of Evil is also getting leaderboard support which is sure to humble you with the absurd scores of obsessed ninja gamers.
All of this pales in comparison to what’s coming next though. The game’s developer, Ravenous Games, has revealed that they’re planning to release a level editor that will come with the ability for users to release their very own levels. This could lead to a practically endless amount of levels being released for the games, and quite possibly make it the best bang-for-buck proposition ever to grace the Earth.

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