Kickstarter Project – GoPano micro: A Panoramic Lens for iPhone

There are lots of Kickstarter projects aimed toward the iPad and iPhone but this is the first optics one I have seen. It’s called the GoPano micro; it’s a lense for the iPhone 4 that takes 360 degree panoramic videos. You attach the device to your iPhone and record from the free 360 video app.
The GoPano Micro will record everything all at one time. After recording, you can review the video and choose to view any perspective simply by swiping the screen, and view any angle at any point (pan and zooming too). With the app you can also upload your video on a web platform (not yet finished) and share your videos as well. You can also view other videos uploaded by anyone via the web too.
Video after the break.
The GoPano project is by Michael Rondinelli of EyeSee360. EyeSee360 has been making panoramic tools for more than 10 years and has quite a background: it was started at the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute.
EyeSee360 believes that with the GoPano micro, “you can interact with the video in a way, never before possible. We strongly believe that 360 video will become as important in broadcasting as sound was to silent movies or colored television was to black&white television.”
The Kickstarter page currently has 44 days left, 69 backers for a total of $3,225. The goal is $20,000 to make this a reality. There are 5 types of pledges ranging from $1 to over $1000. You can read more about the GoPano micro and/or make your pledge here.
The GoPano micro is a unique idea for an iPhone accessory. We have seen similar technology inside an iPhone app with 360 Panorama, but it only take still photos, no video. This is a nice idea for hobbyists and sports fans or anyone that’s simply interested in panoramic photography.

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